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We specialise in the growing of Cuprocyparis Leylandii and Castlewellan Gold trees in pots of 45cms to 270cms in height for your garden. All our stock is grown under very hardy conditions in our North Northumberland nursery propagated from the original stock planted by the late Mr. J.C. Leyland in Kyloe Woods in the year 1897. A modern propagating unit was built with a mist unit and under-soil heating on the benches to speed up the rooting process. After rooting the young plants are then potted on under polythene tunnels and then moved to standing-out areas in the Nursery.
A large percentage of our stock is sold to Garden Centres, Nurseries and Landscape Contractors throughout the North East of England and Scotland.


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History of Kyloe Woods Nursery
The nursery was started in 1969 by Mr & Mrs. A.H.R. Lyell and Grant Thomas as a commercial venture and also to utilise estate labour and the large kitchen garden. It was named after the well-known Kyloe Woods near Fenwick, Northumberland, then part of the Pallinsburn Estate. In Kyloe Woods are three of the original trees of the Hybrid species xCupressocyparis Leylandii (recently renamed xCuprocyparis Leylandii). These three trees were the first of six to be successfully rooted by the late Mr J.C. Leyland (of Haggerston Castle) who gave his name to the conifer.
The mystery of the parentage was cleared up at Kew Gardens where the hybrid was diagnosed as a chance cross between Cup. Macrpcarpa and Cup. Nootkatensis. As we were fortunate to have the original stock of xCup. Leylandii and the potential was there to produce a good hedging and screening plant, it was decided to concentrate on this particular species, and this is mainly what we grow at Kyloe Woods Nursery by taking softwood cuttings. Also grown is the golden form of xCup. Leylandii, Castlewellan Gold, which is a sport from the green form.

By your own transport, or we offer free delivery for orders of £300 upwards within a 50 miles radius of our nursery. Beyond the 50 mile radius, a delivery charge will be made related to the value of your order and distance from the nursery.

We offer a 10% discount for payment with collection of orders above £500, and a 5% discount for payment with collection of orders above £250.


Should be made by crossed cheque payable to 'Kyloe Woods Nurseries'. New customers are requested to send a bank reference or cash with their first order.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:
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A credit charge of 10% will be added to all accounts overdue in excess of 30 days.